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We have owned this domain name of Space Coast for some years now and when the former owner abandoned it we decided to keep it online to generate some traffic for companies and organizations related to the Space Coast. Of course we all know the attraction of the Space Coast in Florida and so there are a good many web sites, clubs, companies, and organizations using the name of Space Coast Chapter somehow within their organization.

Along the side of your screen you will find a dozen or so links to the various pages listed here on this site. Feel free to use these links to visit the other Space Coast Chapter and please let then know you found them here on!

If you know of other Space Coast Chapter related sites you would like to see included on our web site then by all means let us know about it and we will include it our next web site update. All external Space Coast Chapter related web sites are operated by other companies and organizatiosn which we have no control over. We do visit these sites to be sure they are family friendly at the time of their includion in our directory. However, domains are sold or expire and less than honorable people will buy them and post gargbage on them. If you find one of these external sites that do not fit the family friendly category then please alert us and we will eliminate the link.